Gunnar´s Mansion

Culture and beautiful dreams

Warmly welcome to Gunnar´ s Mansion! 

I have started as executive director of Gunnar mansion at the start of this year. My name is Emma Erkkilä. We have Facebook page Gunnarin Kartano and Instagram gunnarin_kartano.

Gunnar´ s mansion is an old school building which is built in the fifties, in the middle of nowhere. Mining company Outokumpu founded there their mine and start compeletely for nothing the whole village. It´s located in Lampinsaari in Raahe Northern Ostrobhotnia.

Once there was europeans biggest sink mine trough fifties to early nineties. Mine closet down in 1992. Little by little other services and facilities ceacest to exist. 

Luckily the people of the village didn´ ´t give up and village has many possibilities to do like own tennis court, little sandy bottom outdoor pool every summer. At summer time there is also open Pavilion and camping site, it's by the pool and there is coffee shop and rental sauna. You can find also second hand store and vintage store who sells old stuff. There is also good hiking and walking routes, and in winter they change into ski trails. We have silence or activities whichever you want.

When school ended permanently in the village by chirstmas in 2020. Group of the villagers founded of the assosiation of saving the school building. After that school building has gone trough change to cultural and accomodation centre. Association is now called Lyhde ry.

In Gunnar´ s Mansion you can rent premesis for many purposes. Conferense over the weekends, holidays, celebrations or reunions of groops or of families, and our premesis are perfect for camp schools or other groups for staying under same roof. We have accomodation for also for casual or solo travellers, families and friends. All kinds of travellers are warmly welcome.

In the main building we have:

  • Three different conference room prox 30 people
  • Restaurant kitchen and dining room

  • Ballroom which was and still is an old school gym
  • Little library
  • Children´s playroom
  • Accomodation in bunk beds or single beds in 6 rooms:
  • 1 for 7 people 
  • 2 for 6 people
  • 2 for 4 people
  •  1 for 5 people
  • And separately 2 room for 2 people Emman Kammari and Kertun Kammari, these accomodation includes shared wc, shower and kitchen.

Accomodation capasity in these rooms are 38 people

In addition we have also:

  • Family apartment for Vienola 4 + 2 people, there is livingroom, two bedrooms,own kitchen, shower and wc.

  • Group apartment Hippula for 5 + 3 there is common area where are kitchen, living area, and separatly sleeping area, one bendoom, 2 wc and shower.

All accomodies and premesis can be rentet independenly. Ask for a quate or information by email or more information by phone +358452323533


Project Project period 1.2.24 - 31.1.2025

Funding: Rising coastal region and part of the EU funding

The value world of Gunnar manor is guided by the principle that village culture belongs to everyone. We implement this in such a way that the villager can be not only a consumer of culture, but also a producer. Bringing culture close is cost-effective. During the project, various events and occasions are generally free of charge for the visitor. At the same time, we enable the villagers to produce different services for tourists and thus try out their own business ideas.

The purpose of the project is to strengthen Gunnarin Kartano's operating model and to develop cooperation and activities between the village and village communities. Gunnarin Kartano acts as a unifying force regionally and nationally. In the project, various agile cultural experiments are tested and implemented, workshops are held. Volunteers of the European Solidarity Corps from European countries also participate in the project in the summer.

We gather culture in Lampinsaari in many different ways, and we enable residents and tourists to have cultural experiences, the ripple effects of which bring well-being. There will be individual cultural evenings and the Lampinsaari Festival 2024 lasting a couple of days together with the village association from 26 - 27.7.24.

The purpose of the project is to develop the brand of the village of Lampinsaari by making visible the already existing, unique characteristics of the village, making the past of the mining village more visible to the villagers and those who visit the village.

With this project, we strengthen the knowledge of one's own culture and the rootedness in one's place of residence. A cultural experience does not necessarily require active participation, but the awareness that one is part of the village's common culture gives security and lowers the threshold to participate. Through the project, we hope that an open and creative cultural atmosphere will attract visitors and visitors from elsewhere, bringing city dwellers to reciprocally experience culture in the countryside.

Lampisaari's great location, transport connections and services enable day visitors and other longer-term travelers. All of these together strengthen the village's identity and create space for a new culture.Bronging

More info:

Emma Erkkilä
Executive director/ Project manager
Gunnarin Kartano/ Lyhde ry
+358 45 2323 533
Kaivoskatu 9, 86440 Lampinsaari